Company History

Incorporated 1997
Rey Reino
President / Owner / Founder

American Food Export Service, Inc (AMFEX) was established in 1997 specifically to provide specialized services to the U.S. food export industry. It was recognized that a service was needed to assist U.S. food exporters in meeting the varied labeling & dating requirements of each destination country. The area that was first recognized as having a strong need for such a service was the Middle East. Almost all Middle East countries require Arabic ingredient labels as well as product production and expiry dates applied to each retail item. Since then our services have been used to make food product compliant with the requirements of almost every country world wide. From Australia & Tahiti to Japan, Russia and from Africa to Norway.

AMFEX began to provide this specialized service for just two customers, yielding a gross revenue of about $5,000 per month and working out of a 2000 Sq. Ft. facility near the New Jersey port. Within two years AMFEX had relocated to a 10,000 Sq. ft facility and increased our customer base and revenues substantially. The next step in our growth was to expand to 20,000 sq. ft and to begin providing chilled and frozen services. This added service was started by the purchase of four refrigerated sea containers and using them to hold and work products.

The next step in AMFEX growth was the addition of full service international forwarding including air & ocean booking, documentation and customs clearance. This was accomplished by a strategic alliance between Novo Express international and AMFEX. This alliance also provided AMFEX the ability to offer its specialized services on the west cost.

In 2010 AMFEX moved into a new facility in Carteret New Jersey. The new warehouse is over 50,000 sq. ft with 3000 sq ft of freezer space and 3500 sq ft of chilled space with 2 production lines maintained within a climate controlled area. In addition, we now run a total of ten production lines capable of processing up to 10,000 cases of product per day.

Amfex has also just completed installation of a 400 KW solar powered generating system that will greatly reduce electrical cost. This investment will reduce charges for our refrigeration service and help AMFEX to be recognized as a true environmentally friendly operation.

Over the years the AMFEX customer base grew from servicing just 2 international U.S. based food distributors to a list of almost every major U.S. food manufacture including Conagra, Heinz, McCormick, Sara Lee, Butterball, Brach’s- Farley, Kraft, and PG, . Our distributor base has increased tenfold and we have dealt directly with & through agents for a host of international direct retailers including Choithram, Spinney’s, Lulu’s, Aljeriza, Sultan Center, Jawad and others.

The majority of the management staff have been with AMFEX for over 10 years and we are all very proud of the growth of our origination and look forward to many more years of providing exceptional service to our customers.

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