Sticker/Label Production & Application

All translated stickers/labels are sized for the required use and converted to JPG Graphic files. They are then stored in a coded system file for future use. They can then be accessed as required and printed in only the amounts required. The same process is used with customer supplied stickers/labels. In this case the supplied sticker/label is scanned into the system. This system provides savings in both time and money.

Outside suppliers print in full sheet or roll quantities that often result in printing and paying for more then are required. AMFEX only bills for labels required, not over runs. We also do not have to wait to receive shipments from your printer which can also cause delays.

All printing is run with Sato 300 & 600 DPI 412 roll printers. Depending upon type of applications required, stickers/labels may be applied by automatic applicators or by hand. This printing and application system provides AMFEX the flexibility to do an endless variety of projects, both large and small.